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Reptile Budgeting Tool

Welcome to the Interactive Reptile Budgeting Tool!

This tool was made by Hunter Houck, a teenage reptile keeper, to help you budget for a new reptile. Reptiles are often seen (and advertised) as inexpensive pets, but that's not the case! This tool will allow you to easily calculate your total startup costs, monthly costs, first yearly costs, and subsequent yearly costs. If you find this tool helpful, consider thanking Hunter by subscribing on YouTube or leaving a tip.

Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use this tool!

More Helpful Information

Veterinary Expenses

  • Please remember that due to the variability of veterinary expenses, they are not factored into this budgeting tool. It is always recommended to have savings in case of a veterinary emergency. Find a reptile vet.

What are some frequent "other" expenses? 

  • Think about things that aren't always considered, such as enclosure upgrades. If you get a juvenile reptile, it may need enclosure upgrades throughout its life. This may be an "other" expense in the startup costs section.

  • Some additional factors that cannot be easily calculated in this tool include electricity, water, and insurance. They are "other" expenses.

  • Supplements! Many people will calculate their cost in the food section, but they may be considered "other" expenses.

  • How will you weigh your reptile? A scale like this one is a necessary "other" expense.

  • Who's going to care for your reptiles when you go on a trip? Be sure to budget for a pet-sitter.

Disclaimer: This tool is intended for general planning purposes but is not a substitute for financial advice.
Is there an issue with this tool? Do you have a question? Please email Hunter.

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