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My favorites from Pangea Reptile!

Pangea Reptile is one of my favorite places to shop for supplies, food, and more for my reptiles and amphibians. They've been a supporter pf my content for almost as long as I've been a customer. They're great!

As a perk for watching my content, you can get 10% off of one order at Pangea Reptile with the code HUNTER10!

I want to share my favorite Pangea Reptile products with you.

Arcadia 12% UVB HO

This is the UVB bulb that I use for my bearded dragon, River. I've been using this brand since she was a hatchling.


Pangea Gecko Diet

I couldn't choose just one flavor—but that's okay, because my gecko loves them all! Pangea is the brand of CGD that I give to Onyx, my gargoyle gecko.


Spider Wood

This wood is good stuff! I use it in bioactive enclosures all the time. I love it, and—most importantly—so do my reptiles. Each piece is unique, so your enclosure will be truly one of a kind.

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